April 3, 2009

Back to Normal!

Haha! If anyone bothered reading my last post, you may well have realized how ridiculously fatigued I was. I'm much better now. I tell you, I could barely type a few hours ago. And this time, it wasn't because my fingers were cold.

The last post pretty well summarized my 19-miler, with very few words. One of my best professors in college had a saying, "Be concise and be precise." I think I managed that quite well! He'd be proud.

What I left out was my time. I finished in 2:40:17 -- 8:27 min/mile. My cheapo Timex can only recall ONE split, so I usually hit it at the halfway point on long runs. First and second half were both EXACTLY the same. Weird

It rained and rained all morning. I waited until about 11:30 when the downpour subsided a bit. I couldn't wait any longer! I lucked out. It misted a little for the first few miles, then the rain stopped altogether. It was VERY windy, but on the tree-lined trail I'm shielded from the wind most of the time. The only place where the wind really affected me was when I rounded the last corner with literally a tenth of a mile left and the wind hit me full force in the face at probably 20-30 mph. Glad there weren't any little children around to hear me curse the weather gods. It was brutal and evil.

So now I have a day and a half to rest before the Martian Half Marathon. (So much for a taper, eh?) I've been checking the weather reports every hour hoping they'd change their mind about the rain for race day. It paid off! They DID change their mind! As of a few minutes ago, it is no longer supposed to rain on race morning! WOOOO! The temps should be somewhere between 30-40F. Can't wait to run with the extra-terrestrials! Giant blow-up Martians holding mile-markers! hahaha!

Tomorrow we head out early to check out the expo and hopefully (fingers crossed) find some good gear deals. I need a waterproof (or very water resistant) running jacket, some tight summer shorts and racing tops. I doubt they'll have any, but I need some summer trail runners too. After the expo, it is off to my sister's for a pasta dinner and a birthday celebration for my husband. Happy birthday, Bear!! We'll be staying the night at her place since she's much closer to the race than we are and she's MUCH cheaper than a hotel! Thanks, sis!

Got this idea from Matty. Here's my route! -->

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