April 29, 2009

The Good and The Bad

Got up leisurely at about 7 am, fed my little cuties (my kitties) and sat around sipping coffee, enjoying the company of my husband and playing Text Twist on the computer. (Linens! Why couldn't I get "linens"!?) After Matt had to leave for the gym and work (9:30ish), I started getting ready for my run. I have been itching to try out my new trail shoes which I've now had for over a week! They didn't have even the tiniest amount of dirt on them yet! That is almost criminal!

Since these are my new summer runners and therefore not waterproof (for breathability), I decided to run in Stony Creek Metropark, thinking those trails had more of a chance to be on the dry side. Wrong! There were several nice puddles spread across the entire trail, and therefore unavoidable. As soon as my feet sunk in - instant wet, cold feet! I missed my Gore-Tex on those occasions! However, the icky, wet feeling went away quickly and I was still glad to have the superior breathability in my new shoes. Excellent purchase! Yay again for Salomon!

Since I have no fancy gadgetry, I have no idea what my distance was today. I timed my run, but can only guess at my pace. There are miles and miles of trails that range in difficulty from easy (green) to intermediate (blue) to difficult (black) - the designations meant mostly for mountain bikers. I spent the first several miles just warming up on the green trails, but then turned onto a black trail for rest of the run. What a difference! It was like running on a roller coaster! I had a blast! Plus, I had the trails to myself. Even though these are popular trails for the bikers, I guess Wednesday mornings are not peak bike-riding times. I suppose most average people are at work though. heh.

I did have to work today, but not until 1 pm. Took care of lots of other people's cuties (kitties) for 6 hours then came home to crappy news on the Runner's World website where I spend a lot of time blogging and communicating with other runners. One of my "friends" from the site was hit by a car and killed while jogging yesterday. She was only 22, was a senior, honors student at her college and was planning on teaching Spanish next year. Yep, you read that right, Mom. I even told her about you once.

What is worse is the news articles about it in the local papers where she went to school. They keep saying she was at fault, though all avid runners know that is crap. She was correctly running on the left side of the road, against traffic. They did mention the road had no shoulder. Personally, I'd never run on a road that has no shoulder. I don't trust drivers. Ever. I do very little running on roads as it is. I'm almost always on trails that don't allow cars. This sad news is precisely why.Free Smileys

Good bye, esdi.

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