April 7, 2009

I'm a Presidential Champion Today

It's funny how "light snow for part of the day" turned into "heavy frickin' snow the ENTIRE day". I thought my treadmill runs were over for the season. I was planning on doing my easy run outside on the Clinton River Trail. Didn't happen!! I forgot both a jacket and my gloves and with the snowfall, I would have been soaked and frozen without them. *sigh*

It really wasn't so bad. This is how I put it in my RW training log today, "Very nice, easy run on the treadmill. Nothing special and nothing to complain about."

However, I momentarily forgot about something very special that happened as a result of my run today. I won my Presidential Champions GOLD AWARD!!! Now I thought after the gold award, I'd start over in the Advanced Presidential Champions program. But apparently, there is a "very special" platinum award that one can earn in either program that they don't advertise in their literature. Very cool! The number of points I have to collect to earn it is 500,000. Bronze was 20,000, silver was 45,000 and gold was 80,000 (completed today). So I have a LOOOOONG way to go to earn that Platinum. That's a major jump in point totals!!! Go me!

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