April 17, 2009

No More Solitude

Just a quick post before I ice my achilles, shower and head to the grocery store. Hubby will be home on a Friday night for the first time in AGES! He owns/operates a restaurant and usually is quite busy at his place on Friday nights as you might imagine! Sooo, tonight we have a special dinner together!

I just got in a great, easy 8-miler at Stony Creek Metropark. People are starting to come out en masse! Now is when I'll start missing the solitude and quiet - basically having the trail to myself - of the winter training months. Of course, I don't miss the wind, snow, ice and bitter cold!

As I logged my run today, I couldn't believe that what I keep referring to as my "new" Mizunos, now have well over 100 miles on them. *sigh*

Tomorrow - trail running. Pure bliss...

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