April 10, 2009

red tries to get speedy

Alright, all you seasoned runners. No snickering as I relay the results of one of my first attempts at mile repeats. First, keep in mind it was NOT on a track. I did it at Stony Creek Metropark which has a 6 mile hilly loop that is marked every 1/4 mile. The hills had a huge impact on my times! While it makes it harder to keep a consistent pace during intervals, the way I look at it, it makes for a better overall workout. So there. :-)

Here are my times (using my husband's new spiffy Timex that is WAY too big for my tiny wrist - I still don't have a watch that records splits):

1.5 mile warm-up. *Jogged a half mile between intervals*

1 - 6:57

2 - 7:13 (ack! hills!)

3 - 6:39 (wooo! downhill!)

1 mile cool-down.

My goal was to hover around 7 min/mile pace. For a newbie, I thought I did pretty good! It was a hard effort but I felt great at the end. Maybe next time I'll try 4 repeats and see how it goes. :-))))

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