April 16, 2009

red tries to get speedy - part 2

Perfect morning for a run. Sunny and about 45 degrees. I don't have to work until 3pm today (and if I'm lucky, they'll call and tell me to stay home - wouldn't that be nice!?), so I was able to sleep in and start my run at my leisure, though the run itself was far from leisurely!

Six mile total run with 4 miles at tempo pace - had to stop a few times for traffic though. I was able to remember a few of my splits. They were:

1 - 6:57 (oops! way too fast!)
2- ??? (forgot to look - the truck on the trail that has posted "no motorized vehicles" kind of distracted me)
3- 7:04 (rats! too fast again!)
4 - 7:19 (closer to goal, but really I just pooped out)

Not too bad though! A good workout!

This weekend my hubby and I are going to drive over to Pinckney where the Trail Marathon and Half Marathon will take place the following weekend. We'd like to check out the trail and see what we're in for! Not sure if we'll do the whole 13ish mile loop or not. I'm getting very excited for the race! Plus, in the next week or so, I should be getting some new trail runners! WOOO! I got a $10 OFF coupon for new shoes at Running Fit for participating in the Martian Invasion of Races. I hope to put that coupon to good use!

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