April 28, 2009


Speedwork day! Once again I did my training on my pseudo-coach, who never lets me give-up or slow down, the treadmill! (Another rain day. :-( )

Today I did 8 miles total and 5 of them at tempo pace. However, tempo pace (about 7:15 for me) just wasn't making me feel it today even after 3 miles. My legs were pumping and I felt like I was sailing so smoothly and quickly over the belt, but it just felt too easy. I thought, how could this be? This is way faster than I usually do my training runs -- I should be getting pooped! But I wasn't... so I upped the pace to 7:08. After another mile, I was still not breathing too much more than normal, so I upped it again to 7:03. That did it! By the end of the 5th mile I was ready to stop.

I'm starting to wonder. Am I getting faster?? :-) I think for my next tempo run, if I do it on the treadmill, I'll start at the 7:08 pace and go from there.

It was so fun running fast!

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