February 23, 2011

Da 'Mill of Recovery

Ran on da 'mill at LTF today side-by-side with my Matty. I did a very easy recovery run (6 miles at 9 min/mile) after yesterday's long run (17.6 miles) and Matty did another long run (he's training for an ultra). It was a lovely run that I didn't want to end with no residual soreness from the tough, slushy, hilly long run yesterday! Cool!

Strength training at the gym too! Let's see if I can remember what I did - SB plank, side plank with leg raises (ouch!), bicycle crunches, SB oblique crunches, Bosu single-leg bridges, SB pass, single-leg squats, eccentric calf drops, weighted back extensions, cable chest fly, triceps kick-back, biceps curl, DB shoulder sweeps, low cable row. I think that's it. I also did pull-ups, chin-ups and hanging leg raises at home while waiting for Matty to get ready for the gym. Phew! Always fun to show up the boys, though. lol!!

Later will be yet another attempt at Week 4, Day 2 of 100 Push-Ups Challenge.

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