February 16, 2011

I failed! It was great!

Just finished my 100 Push-Ups Challenge workout for the day. I failed! It was great!

I am very happy with what I DID accomplish during the workout. I didn't think I'd even get close. I only failed because I couldn't hit the minimum during the final set. I hit all the other sets though!
  • Set 1: 20
  • Set 2: 25
  • Set 3: 20
  • Set 4: 20
  • Set 5: Max (but at least 28) - I did 23.
I knew there was no way I'd hit 28. What I didn't expect was the ease with which I did sets 1-4. I am improving! Yay!

On a different note... since everyone else is chiming in, time for my 3 cents (inflation). I am quite happy with the new Boston registration process. I would have liked to see times lowered even further, especially for women, but I think the rolling registration will take care of that. Change is good!

I was going to use Detroit to qualify this fall, but it is in October, well after registration will close. However, the Marquette Marathon in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is in the first week of September. Perfect timing! I absolutely LOVE that area. Now I have a wonderful excuse to get up there again!! Yay!

BTW... even with the new standards, New York is harder to qualify for, but you never hear anyone whining about New York.  ;-)

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  1. Okay put your soapbox away, now Boston will really mean something again! You're impressing me to think about the 100 push-up challenge again.


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