February 17, 2011

Speedy Intervals on Speedy

Lumberjack 100  training has begun in earnest. Today was my first cycling speedwork session on the trainer. 25 minute warm-up followed by 5 x 3 minute mod-hard pushes and one final 5 minute push. HR was in high 150s for each push. Short cool-down for a total of just over 1 hour of riding. Nice. I'll start making these sessions harder and harder. Today really wasn't that hard, but it was a good start. Felt good too! :-)

Matty spun next to me on his way cool Trek Madone. We watched the Bourne Ultimatum during the workout. Another cycling movie date. hehe!

I did a short upper body strength training session while waiting for Matty to join me for the spinning. Got in DB chest press, DB incline shoulder press, pull-ups/chin-ups, triceps bench dip and one set of a few other random exercises. I didn't want to hurry Matt since he was reading The Lost Symbol. I just finished the book myself so now I'm anxiously waiting for him to finish so we can discuss! Keep reading, Matty!

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