February 8, 2011

Make it a half marathon, please.

Ran on da 'mill at the gym side-by-side with my Matty today. We both had plans to run 10-12ish miles, but near the end we decided to make it a half marathon. Easy to do on the 'mill. You just keep going! I ran at an easy pace (1:51 total time). No need for more speedwork this week. The 5k took care of that!

Matty was supposed to do core work with me afterwards, but he pooped out and went to his pizzeria to wait for me (that we own and which also happens to be right behind the gym!). I did about 45 min of core work with a little upper body and legs thrown in.  Feeling good about my accomplishments today. Now it is time to watch Ironman 2!

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