February 18, 2011

Did someone mention wind?

Today at Stony Creek Metropark:

Gale force winds!!!! Holy crap!!!! This ride was so hard! I only went just over 12 miles, but felt like I rode triple that! I had to work so hard to pedal against the wind for most of this ride! When the wind wasn't blowing right at me, it was blowing from the right or left trying to knock me off my bike. I had to stop to take drinks because I'd get blown over if I took one hand off the handlebars. WOW! Notice I didn't mention any tail winds. That never happened. Ha!

Still, the temperature was pleasant and the wind, though crazy, was never cold. It was Speedy's first time outside this year. We both enjoyed it. :-)

After trying to ride my mountain bike in a tornado, I locked the bike on to the top of my car, changed into running shoes and went for an easy loop (plus Nature Center Dr) around Stony. I really enjoyed this run. It felt so good. Ahhh... It was still horribly windy, but it is so much easier to deal with wind on my feet rather than on my bike. I found myself leaning into the wind and taking shorter strides, almost like running uphill. I only had a problem with this technique once when I found myself daydreaming and the wind quit suddenly. I nearly fell over! lol!!!

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